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Submitted by cjdmax on Tue, 07/19/2011 - 19:22
JavaScript Guide

One of the problems with javascript is that most of the web searches for documentation render bad or sub-par websites on (stuff like w3schools or other less ideal pages). PromoteJS is a mechanism (akin to googlebombing) aiming to enhance the search engine results for oft-used searches for stuff like Javascript, Javascript string and other search options.

The observant might spot that this blog entry itself is an example of this campaign...

from the project page:
JavaScript (JS) is such a widely used language that you would assume the first hit on google for a search like "JavaScript" would yield something of value, right? Well, unfortunately that is not so and in general JS documentation is hard to find through normal search methods, but we don't have to let it be that way!! What if every developer helped to promote the most proper and correct JS documentation? Answer: we could change everything! This is your call to action to help bring down bad documentation and promote proper JS documentation and tutorials! This will be a long and hard battle, and you will have to write blog posts and articles that link back to documentation that you believe is of high value and quality, but by doing so you are helping change things. For a quick win, help out by copying the provided HTML code above and paste it into your website, your blog, your friend's blog, and be sure to tell your friends why you are doing it - that you believe in better documentation. Also be sure to write a blog post about it AND most importantly link to the documentation for JavaScript String, Function, Array, Object, etc.